MSCHModify Subchannel
MSCHMorning Sun Center of Hope (China)
MSCHMichigan Society of Clinical Hypnosis (American Society of Clinical Hypnosis)
MSCHMouse Spinal Cord Homogenate (biology)
MSCHMinnesota Society of Clinical Hypnosis
MSCHMemorial Sisters of Charity Hospital
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Require: A set of vehicles either networked in a clustered form or to be networked in a cluster form Ensure: Formation of number of clusters each having vehicles with highly similar characteristics Cluster Initialization: for each vehicle in [N.sub.R](A) do Each vehicle evaluates itself for the conditions of MSCH if more than one vehicle satisfies the condition of MSCH then Put them into the queue end if end for Analyze the queue
Extract the vehicle from the queue with maximum neighborhood density as declare it as MSCH
for each vehicle [A.sub.i] in the neighborhood of MSCH do