MsclMechanosensitive Ion Channel
MsclMicrosoft Community License
MsclMy So-Called Life (TV show)
MsclMulti-Sensor Core Logger
MsclMassachusetts State Cricket League
MsclMandeville Special Collections Library (University of California, San Diego)
MsclMild Steel Cement Lined (pipe)
MsclMississippi State Chemical Laboratory
MsclMechanical Steering Column Lock (security device)
MsclMicrobial Strain Collection of Latvia
MsclMathematical and Statistical Computing Laboratory
MsclMesyl Chloride
MsclMinimum Source Channel Length
MsclMedical Symptom Checklist
MsclMulti-Layered Speech/Sound Synthesis Control Language
MsclMountain School for Congregational Leadership
MsclMalaysian Civil Service Link
MsclMultidisciplinary Simulation and Computer Laboratory
MsclMaterials Science and Characterisation Laboratory
MsclMarine Services Company Ltd (Tanzania)
MsclMulti-Scanning Core Logger
MsclMass Spectrometry Core Laboratory
MsclMoscow Student Conference on Linguistics (Russia)
MsclMercantile Shipping Company Limited (Sri Lanka)
MsclManaged Student-Centred Learning (UK)
MsclMcIndoe Surgical Centre Limited (Australia)
MsclMission Schedule and Command Load
MsclMultistep Capture and Loss
MsclMellen Studies in Children's Literature
MsclMisclassified Planetary Nebula
MsclMotorsportclub Loreley
MsclMidline Straight Carapace Length
MsclMulti-layered Speech Control Language
MsclMeasurement Standards and Calibration Laboratory
MsclMicrosoft Consulting Line
MsclMegill-Stephenson Company Limited
MsclMapeley STEPS Contractor Limited (UK)
MsclMedia Systems Consulting Limited
MsclMillennium Systems and Consultations Private Ltd (India)
MsclMysore Sugar Company Ltd
MsclModèle Structurel de Composants Logiciels
MsclMobile Satellite Communication Link
MsclMini Smart Card Line
MsclMississippi State Crime Laboratory
MsclMillennium Systems & Consultants Pvt. Ltd. (Karachi, Pakistan)
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Fortis has 28.89 per cent stake in MSCL while its Mauritius-based partner CIEL Healthcare holds 58.6 per cent.
MSCL is listed on development and enterprise market of the Stock Exchange of Mauritius.
Shareholders of Fortis Healthcare on Monday approved a resolution allowing the hospital chain to sell its stake in MSCL, according to a company statement.
"Fortis Healthcare International Limited (FHIL), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fortis Healthcare Limited (FHL) which is incorporated in Mauritius, has consummated the proposed transaction of sale of the entire shareholding held by FHIL in the Medical and Surgical Centre Limited (MSCL) [renamed as C-Care (Mauritius) Ltd], representing 28.89 per cent (164,670,801 shares) holding of the total issued and paid up equity share capital of MSCL, with CIEL Limited, CIEL Healthcare Limited (collectively referred to as CIEL).
Further increase in the negative pressure opened MscL, which has a conductance of ~2.5nS (arrow).
coli cells are exposed to hypoosmotic condition, they avoid cell lysis by opening MscS and MscL. Consistently, most of MJF455 double-knockout ([DELTA]mscL[DELTA]mscS) cells harboring an empty vector (pB10b) did not survive upon hypoosmotic shock from 0.5 M to 0 M NaCl (Figure 2(c)).
Ghazi, "Release of thioredoxin via the mechanosensitive channel MscL during osmotic downshock of Escherichia coli cells," The Journal ofBiological Chemistry, vol.
Booth, "Protection of Escherichia coli cells against extreme turgor by activation of MscS and MscL mechanosensitive channels: identification of genes required for MscS activity," The EMBO Journal, vol.
What they found, says Haswell, was that if both the MscL and MscS genes were missing, the cells could not survive "osmotic downshock," the bacterial equivalent of water torture.
If they don't have the MscS and MscL proteins that allow them to dump ions to avoid the uncontrolled influx of water, they don't survive." It's a bit like dumping saltwater fish into a freshwater aquarium.
And to make things worse MscL and MscS span the plasma membrane, which means that their ends, which are exposed to the periplasm outside the cell and the cytoplasm inside the cell, are water-loving and their middle sections, which are stuck in the greasy membrane, are repelled by water.
coli mscL, (2) elucidating the function of these MS channels in bacterial physiology, and (3) searching for mscL homologs in other species, including plants and animals.