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MSIRIMauritius Sugar Industry Research Institute
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While we are continuing with the screening of the productive bacteria in the Mauritian soil, we can cultivate the Brazilian ones in our laboratories here," says Seelavarn Ganeshan, Research Manager at the MSIRI.
Massano enumerates about 20 stops along the route as far as the upper Lualaba and "Cangando, soba de Mochire," as he called the heir to Msiri in Garanganze.
Indeed Arnot rightly predicted that, with the disappearence of Msiri and of a central market at Bunkeya, his central compound, slave trading would multiply thoughout the region.
During his years as a Plymouth Brother in Garenganze (1887-1890), Swan had made no secret of the appalling atrocities which tarnished Msiri's rule, but he had remained discreet on the question of slave trading.
(2) Following Dan Crawford, a well-informed missionary, Garenganze was the Umbundu name for Msiri's kingdom, a term borrowed from Bugaraganza, used by travellers coming from the East.
Legat was in charge of the Lofoi station, some distance from Msiri. Contos were one million reis, or "crowns," a Portuguese unit of account of venerable antiquity, which through inflation had multipled to mil-reis (thousands) by the eighteenth century, and had ascended into the millions by the end of the nineteenth.