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MSSQLMicrosoft Sql
MSSQLMicrosoft Structured Query Language (also refers to Microsoft SQL Server)
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The software managing the entire system will be designed using and the website using, as integrity between them is very strong, and share a common database of MsSQL [19].
The administrative team also monitors 32 critical applications--mostly MSSQL, Exchange, Citrix XenApp, MySQL, Altiris, Backup Exec, SharePoint, CampusVue, and Dynamics GP, with multiple instances of each of these or multiple servers running them.
It maintains referential integrity across business lines and different platforms such as Oracle, MSSQL, Cache, Hadoop, and file formats that include VSAM, Excel, delimited, and XML.
It is a part of the WAS, known as Bootstrap and also there has to be located MSSQL database.
This makes TexAms ERP highly flexible and easy to integrate with third party applications such as MSSQL and Oracle.
Meanwhile zSecure published screenshots of some MSSQL databases, including a database consisting of information related to the bank's branches.
4 -- Some of the most popular databases people are aware of are SQL-based and relational, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MSSQL, Oracle, etc.
Ideally, formulation software should work with most leading edge databases--a common data interface should support Microsoft Access, MSSQL Server, Sun Microsystems' MySQL, and Oracle, independent of the specific database management system.
They write for data mining researchers and information technology workers who are already familiar with MSSQL Analysis Services and with one of Microsoft's visual programming languages.
Hardware configuration supporting the system includes: a Windows Server to host MSSQL and IIS Web Server with ASP agent, a Windows workstation to host the VB/ ArcObjects desktop agent, and external HTTP servers from other departments or outside agencies.
The successful candidate would have experience, or be willing to gain experience, with the development or management of small to medium sized databases using Access, MySQL, or MSSQL.
(11.) Research QuickStart was the first Toolkit component to be developed and it was designed as an MsSQL database using active server pages (asp) and vbscript.