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MSSSMinistère de la Santé et des Services Sociaux (French)
MSSSMalin Space Science Systems
MSSSMicrosoft Security Summit
MSSSMaui Space Surveillance System
MSSSMcMaster Social Sciences Society
MSSSMagnox Swarf Storage Silo (UK)
MSSSMultiple Sclerosis Society Scotland (UK)
MSSSMinimum Statistical Sample Size
MSSSMy Super Sweet 16 (TV show)
MSSSMedication Safety Support Service (Canada)
MSSSMulti Stage Selector Switch
MSSSModular System Software Specification
MSSSManpower Staffing Standards System
MSSSMulti-Story Steel Structure
MSSSMaxtor Shared Storage Solution (networked data storage)
MSSSMudgeeraba State Special School (Australia)
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Apart from the AUGSs, two other groups of MSSs are being written by ISO and other standardization bodies, and subsequently implemented in various organizations (Karapetrovic et al.
En pratique, les agences et le MSSS ont capitule " devant les facultes de medecine et les CHU a Quebec qui resistaient justement au projet d'integration des cHu au sein des instances locales.
In order to serve a request sent from a client, the MSS needs to communicate with the database server to retrieve the database items.
The reliability of the MSSS was examined by calculating interrater reliability between two independent raters.
MSSs are seen as interventions in the decision process that interact with and impact the decision procedures of decision makers [9].
Nos anos seguintes, o MSSS elaboraria uma serie de trabalhos para iniciar a primeira grande reforma dos servicos de SM no QC desde, obviamente, o movimento de desinstitucionalizacao iniciado no comeco dos anos 60.
The total scores for the MSSS and the CIPS were used as independent variables, whereas the two subscales of the MHI-18 were used as the dependent variables.
Because of their much larger numbers and of their leadership in battling with the MSSS, this article concerns itself with the first three.
Additionally, the MSSs will provide commonly used application software, so that a mobile user can download the software from the closest MSS and run it on the palmtop or execute it remotely on the MSS.
Gartner predicts, "The growth of targeted attacks that bypass signature-based security controls, employ sophisticated techniques to spread and evade detection and eradication, and often result in compromise of critical systems will drive new capabilities in MSSs.
Lot 3 Single Framework Provider with base scope focused on MSSS.
MSSS focuses on helping develop and finance solar photovoltaic (PV) projects through strategic relationships with various industry participants including developers, suppliers, installers, governmental agencies, end-users and the community at-large.