MSTVMulti System Television
MSTVAssociation for Maximum Service Television, Inc.
MSTVMath and Science Television
MSTVMean Systolic Wall Thickening Velocity (cardiology)
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Caption: Figure 2: The black points denote the local but nonedged entries, the red points denote the corresponding neighboring entries concerned in LTVA and our MSTV, and the grey points denote the remaining entries of matrices.
Microsoft's software MSTV package was interoperable with its Windows platform and the wider adoption of the MSTV software package by cable companies would have encouraged even more application software writers to write for the Windows platform.
In addition, high school students can click on MSTV (Math and Science Television), which offers real-world examples of math and science in action, with different modules that let students dig deeper to find as little or as much information as they like.
Powell, Remarks Before the 42d Annual MSTV Membership Meeting (Apr.
The company has developed a set of programmes, called MSTV, specifically for interactive TV, although it has won over few backers in Europe so far.