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mtDNAMitochondrial DNA (also seen as mDNA)
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The highly variable region of the mtDNA control region (D-Loop) was amplified using primers mtDNA-F (5'-CTG TCC ATA TCA TGA CTA CTT G-3') and mtDNA-R (5'-GGT CTT AGC TTG TAG AGA GGT C-3'), which were referenced from a rice frog sequence.
Nowadays, nuclear DNA mutations have been proven to be effective in tumor development and progression, but the relation between mtDNA and tumorigenesis has not been fully elucidated yet.
The sequences of the mtDNA control region from 30 pigs were obtained from the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) database (GenBank) (Table 1): 11 indigenous pigs from China, 4 pigs from Taiwan, 1 pig from Korea, 3 Japanese wild boars (Sms scrofa leucomystax), 5 Ryukyu wild boars (Sus scrofa riukiuanus) and 6 domestic pigs from Europe.
The occipital, right ulna, and right tibia were sampled for NGS analysis and yielded mtDNA to confirm the suspected commingling and aid association of elements.
All the participants were included according to the diagnostic criteria[2],[4] of (1) progressive neurological manifestations of LS, (2) symmetrical lesions located in the basal ganglia and/or brain stem on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and (3) presence of pathogenic mtDNA mutations.
Oppenheimer's work on genetics, particularly on the mtDNA - which is the science of tracing genetic material through the maternal lineage - was first proposed in his 1998 book titled Eden in the East: The Drowned Continent of Southeast Asia.
However, the formation of the newly discovered mtDNA webs differs fundamentally from that of the other types of web.
In Mexico, the association between MetS and the mtDNA T16189C polymorphism has not yet been studied.
In spite of some reports regarding the adverse effects of oocyte cryopreservation (40-44), there was poor information related to the changes in mtDNA copy number and mitochondrial enzyme activity of oocytes after vitrification.
Earlier studies examining human mitochondria and mtDNA in relation to ovarian aging have focused on the analysis of oocytes rather than embryos.
To this end, in the present study, we used transmitochondrial technology to construct 21 cybrid cells representing different haplogroups to cover the entire Han Chinese mtDNA phylogenetic tree.