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mtDNAMitochondrial DNA (also seen as mDNA)
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High levels of interferon type 1, the signal substance activated by the mtDNA webs, occur in several autoimmune diseases and several types of cancer.
Altered mtDNA levels may directly contribute to pathogenesis by causing an increased immune response.
In spite of some reports regarding the adverse effects of oocyte cryopreservation (40-44), there was poor information related to the changes in mtDNA copy number and mitochondrial enzyme activity of oocytes after vitrification.
For the analysis of the mtDNA D-loop region, fifteen unrelated, Nili-Ravi type buffaloes were selected from the irrigated agriculture belt of the Nili and Ravi Bar regions of the Punjab province in Pakistan.
00087) mtDNA control region nucleotide polymorphism, respectively, among seven duck breeds in China.
However, a randomized clinical trial will be necessary to determine the true extent of any clinical benefit, she added, noting that research is also needed to improve understanding of the biology of mtDNA expansion.
The primers of the reference genes (ACTB and RPLP0) were the same as used for the mtDNA content measurement.
I've inherited my MTDNA from my Mam, and she held the family together.
In addition, the mutation rate in mtDNA is about 10 times greater than in nDNA, and replication errors are less likely to be repaired.
The study showed that embryos produced by reproductively older women contain higher levels of mtDNA (P=0.
The human cytochrome consists of 13 subunits; among them the three largest are encoded by mtDNA are COXI, COXII, and COXIII.