MTISMeritor Tire Inflation System (system to regulate air pressure on truck tires)
MTISMaterial Turned Into Store
MTISMission Test Imaging System
MTISMaintenance Task Information System
MTISMissile Instrumentation System
MTISMicro Test Item Stimulator
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Requiring the oversight bodies to provide training for employees that promotes recognition and respect for the diverse, multicultural character of Ontario society and the rights and cultures of First Nation, Inuit and Mtis Peoples.
However, after the MTI reforms nomenclature of these posts was changed to medical director and hospital director, respectively, who are appointed on merit by a panel of senior specialist doctors drawn from the major health institutions of the country.
He further demanded of the provincial government to increase the salaries of all senior doctors serving in MTIs including senior registrars, assistant professors, associate professors and professors.
I was nervous my first day of being an MTI," said Yi, who has been a MTI for seven years.
Members of the 433rd can serve as line MTIs, who work with the basic military trainees, or they can be assigned to support functions like basic expeditionary Airmen skills training, war skills military studies or MTI school.
01]--There is no significant difference in the mathematics ability of preservice agricultural education teachers based upon the MTIS treatment.
ThermALERT is the patented technology of the MTIS that alerts drivers of elevated wheel-end temperatures.
The MTIS modular tire x-ray inspection system, described in company literature, was developed to meet the specific needs of the global tire industry.
Our MTIs literally are the first face that recruits see in their Air Force career.
The onboard Sensor Management Officer (SMO coordinates the surveillance plan to ensure a radar service rate that provides quality MTIs.
Two of these MTIs also have extra money going in to them as beacon towns.