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MTSSMulti-Tiered System of Support (education)
MTSSMinisterio de Trabajo y Seguridad Social (Spanish)
MTSSMidwest Teen Sex Show (sex education video series)
MTSSMedial Tibial Stress Syndrome (lower leg injury)
MTSSModified Total Sharp Score (radiography)
MTSSMilitary Training Service Support
MTSSMoney Transfer Service Scheme (India)
MTSSMedia Technology Support Services (Pennsylvania State University)
MTSSManufacturing Test Software Solution
MTSSMain Traffic Signal System (transportation)
MTSSMaterial Toxicity Summary Sheet (product safety)
MTSSManaged Tiered Security Service
MTSSMAGTF (Marine Air-Ground Task Force) Training Systems Support (US Marine Corps)
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* engage families in designing a MTSS built on their strengths and needs
In order to prepare our candidates to work effectively and collaboratively in K-8 settings, we used MTSS as a guiding framework for curriculum development in the UDCP.
The stakeholders were taught the cardinals of MTSS to give them a clear understanding of government's policies and goals as contained in the SDP, set medium term sector objectives broken down into programmes, link them to SDP and identify key projects that need to be executed to achieve sector objectives.
We used total population for the United Kingdom excluding Scotland as the denominator for all TSS and nmTSS cases; the total female population 12-60 years of age as the denominator for mTSS cases, reflecting the age range of this group; and the number of children [less than or equal to] 16 years of age as the denominator for pediatric cases.
A review of the literature regarding comprehensive school counseling programs and MTSS indicates that the frameworks have shared goals and beneficial outcomes for all students.
Since factors inducing MTSS are not fully known based on the previous studies and also the pathomechanical theories that are already presented, it was needed that we study anthropometric and anatomic factors and their relations with MTSS in military recruits, a population in which MTSS is reported to be high.
An MTSS framework typically employs universal screening of all students to help identify those who may require follow-up or need more intensive intervention.
In 1966, the American Medical Association defined MTSS as a pain and discomfort in the lower region of the leg resulting from repetitive activity on hard surfaces, or due to forcible, excessive use of the foot flexors, the diagnosis should be limited to musculoskeletal inflammation, excluding stress fractures or ischemic disorders [1].
Other authors postulated that the fascia plays an important role in pathophysiology of MTSS. Bouche and Johnson hypothesized that with contraction of the deep leg flexors tension would be imparted to the tibial fascial attachment at the medial tibial crest and that circumferential straps would dampen tension directed to the medial tibial crest [20].