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MUPADMulti Processing Algebra Data
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Descripcion: Mediante la funcion interna de MuPAD Dom::GaloisFieldQ, se crea el campo finito [EXPRESION MATEMATICA IRREPRODUCIBLE EN ASCII] y de este se escoge al azar un elemento primitivo mediante randomPrimitive(), para aso realizar la asignacion mencionada en el Teorema 3.1.
The polynomial is subsequently used (by invoking MUPAD from MATLAB) to determine the entropy generation rate.
Using MuPAD we found the expressions for the integrals in terms of Fresnel integrals that we provide in Section 4.1.
MuPAD gives us two methods of working with line segments.
The concept of the turtle graphic in MuPAD was described in detail in [3].
Although I had been using SNB and MuPAD in my classes for years, I always used the whiteboard as the main teaching aid and these two programs as supporting devices.
Scientific Notebook is a combination of a very good word processor, with perfect formula editing tools and a good computing engine taken from MuPAD. Thus, during my lecture, I could type a well-formatted document, transform or recalculate formulae with a singe key shortcut, obtain the graph of a formula and change it to a computer animation.
For example, in case of the equation [4.sup.x] = 64 Derive (if solution domain is Complex) and MuPAD give branching answers (see Section 5.6).
Derive, Maxima, TI-92+, TI-nspire, MuPAD and WIRIS give a single root while Maple and Mathematica give it twice.
In this paper we will describe briefly origins of MuPAD, its history, and we will demonstrate some of its features.
However, not many of us are familiar with another computer algebra system known as MuPAD. In fact, many of us use MuPAD without even knowing it.
We will use MuPAD to create a scene with two given circles and their common tangent lines.