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MuSKMuscle-Specific Kinase
MuSKMitsubishi Ufj Trust Systems (Japan)
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In spite of all the musk that now filled the room, the turpentine betrayed itself almost as soon as I cried "Stop!" Annabella, with a shriek of disgust, flung the bottle furiously into the fireplace.
Here she became hysterical, and vanished, leaving a mixed odor of musk and turpentine behind her, which preserved the memory of her visit for nearly a week afterward.
Musk and Ma recently met during the World Artificial Intelligence Conference held in Shanghai to talk about pressing matters related to technology and the future of Earth.
Musk expressed his interest in making a second Earth for humans through Twitter in the past week.
A week later, Musk provided an update on his mysterious funding, which he said in a blog post was coming from the Saudi Arabia sovereign wealth fund, a 5% owner of Tesla at the time.
There's no need for Musk, an avid Twitter user, to be contained by a social-media blackout, James Anderson, a partner and portfolio manager at Baillie Gifford & Co., told Bloomberg Television.
No one knows why Musk has changed his Twitter name to Daddy DotCom, originally a parenting website for new dads.
A US judge has ruled the billionaire must face a defamation trial in October after diver Vernon Unsworth, 63, filed a lawsuit over Mr Musk's Twitter comment.
A federal court judge in Los Angeles set an October 22 trial date in a court filing yesterday that rejected Musk's attempt to dismiss a defamation lawsuit filed by British diver Vernon Unsworth.
The settlement between Musk and the Securities and Exchange Commission sets out clearer guidelines on topics Musk should avoid on Twitter or other social media, including statements about acquisitions, mergers, new products and production numbers.
He later changed his profile picture to the stocky ram prompting MERL to join the fun and change its profile image to Elon Musk.
Lawyers for the Securities and Exchange Commission, in a response to Musk, wrote that when the contempt motion was filed in February, Musk had not had a single tweet approved by a company lawyer, violating a requirement of a court-approved settlement order.