MuZMotorrad und Zweiradwerk (German: Motorcycle and Two-Wheeler Factory; also seen as MZ)
MuZMineworkers Union of Zambia (est. 1954)
MuZMultiple Use Zone (land categorization)
MuZMoon Unit Zappa
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Generalized soil profiles were established from the borehole drilled at SHD and MUZ.
The present work required several major assumptions in view of the scarcity of data on soil mechanical properties at the SHD and MUZ sites.
The unit weights were calculated using relation gd = rd g, for different soil layers at MUZ and SHD.
2), and shear modulus increases from 59 MPa to 69 MPa at depth of 5 meters and decreases from 70 MPa to 38 MPa at depth of 7 meters at MUZ site (Fig.
Where as silty clay encountered at depth of 7 m when shear modulus decreases drastically from 70 MPa to 38 MPa at MUZ site (Fig 4a and 4b).
3 mb in magnitude are used in the analysis at MUZ site (Fig.
Similarly for MUZ site, the spectral acceleration values for gravel, sand and silty clay resulted as 0.