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MMPMitochondrial Membrane Potential
MMPMixed Member Proportional (New Zealand electoral system)
MMPMatrix Metalloproteinase (enzymes related to tissue healing/remodeling and cancer cell metastasis)
MMPMazda Motor de Portugal
MMPMass Market Paperback (bookbinding format)
MMPMilk and Milk Products
MMPMoore Microprocessor Patent (intellectual property portfolio)
MMPMiller Motorsports Park (Tooele, UT)
MMPMinute Maid Park (Houston, TX)
MMPMetal Mind Productions (est. 1987; Polish record label)
MMPMedical Marijuana Program (various locations)
MMPMultilink Multi Chassis Ppp
MMPMulti Media Programming
MMPMastering Microsoft Project
MMPMulti Media Player
MMPMemory Management Processor
MMPMemory Management Program
MMPMixed Model Plan
MMPManaged Mail Protection
MMPMultichassis Multilink Ppp
MMPMass Media Production
MMPMulti-man Publishing
MMPMitigation Monitoring Program
MMPMultimedia Player
MMPMillennium Mathematics Project
MMPMarsh Monitoring Program (Canada)
MMPMarine Mammal Program (various organizations)
MMPMucous Membrane Pemphigoid
MMPMarian Movement of Priests
MMPMission Mode Project
MMPModern Management Practices (various organizations)
MMPMilitary Mounted Police (UK)
MMPMedical Marijuana Patient
MMPMultichassis Multilink PPP (protocol)
MMPMade Mangku Pastika (governor of Bali)
MMPMulti-Mission Platform
MMPMoney Management Program
MMPMercury Music Prize
MMPMerchant Marine Personnel (US Coast Guard)
MMPMedia Mobilizing Project (Philadelphia, PA)
MMPMew Mew Power (Anime)
MMPManufacturing Materials and Processes (Ohio)
MMPMaintenance Management Professional
MMPMainstream Media Project (Arcata, CA)
MMPMorehead Medical Plaza (Charlotte, NC)
MMPMacquarie MEAG Prime (real estate; Singapore)
MMPMaine Mountain Power (utility; Yarmouth, ME)
MMPMastering Microsoft Project (computing)
MMPMagnetic Mapping Payload
MMPMitsubishi Motors de Portugal (est. 1989)
MMPMultiple Medical Problems
MMPMonthly Maintenance Plan
MMPMuseum Management Plan
MMPMerchant Marine Personnel Division (US Navy)
MMPMúsica Moderna Portuguesa
MMPMass Mailing Program (software)
MMPMaintenance Management Plan
MMPMonitoring Master Plan
MMPModular Mission Payload
MMPMinuteman MEECN Program
MMPMultiple Modus Ponens (expanded form of argument)
MMPMaster Mobilization Plan
MMPMaintenance Monitor Panel
MMPMobility Management Procedures
MMPMounted Military Police (Australia)
MMPMultiple Multi-Pole (algorithm)
MMPMoisture Management Plan (real estate maintenance)
MMPMagyar Munkáspárt (Hungarian Workers' Party)
MMPMy Mileage Plus (United Airlines)
MMPNational Organization of Masters, Mates and Pilots of North America
MMPMicro-Mode Products Inc.
MMPMeet Me Page (telecommunications)
MMPMagnetospheric Multiprobes
MMPMates, Masters, and Pilots Association
MMPMontana Methamphetamine Project
MMPMaster Manufacturing Procedure
MMPMicrocat Messaging Protocol
MMPModem Management Protocol
MMPMeshcom Mesh Protocol
MMPMeteorological Program
MMPMinor Machine Pitch
MMPMaintenance & Modernization Program
MMPMobilization Master Plan
MMPMicroprogrammable Multi-Processor
MMPMissile Monitor Power
MMPModular Mounting Panel
MMPMargaret Morrison Plaza (Carnegie Mellon University)
MMPMultipurpose Plenum (cable)
MMPMunitions Movement Plan
MMPMasters in Management Program
MMPMagnetic Media Productions LTD
MMPMaster in Medical Physics
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Pemphigus vulgaris 80-90% 6 Mucous membrane pemphigoid 85% 7 Psoriasis 43% 8 Oral lichen planus 70-77% 9 Erythema multiforme 60-70% 10 Stevens-Johnson syndrome and 71-100% 11 toxic epidermal necrolysis Crohn's disease 0.5-20% 12 Recurrent aphthous stomatitis 100% 13 Lupus erythematosus SLE 8-45%; CLE 4-25% 12 Rheumatoid arthritis 5-86% (*) 14 Scleroderma 80% (**) 15 Behcet's disease 97-100% 16 Graft-versus-host disease 25-80% 17 SLE = systemic lupus erythematosus; CLE = cutaneous lupus erythematosus.
It is important for the dentist to acknowledge this condition as to differentiate it from other oral vesicular processes with a poorer prognosis such as pemphigus vulgaris, mucous membrane pemphigoid, or certain hematological diseases.
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While there have been a number of case reports of mucous membrane pemphigoid, less than a handful of the cases involve the trachea [4-7].
Mucous membrane pemphigoid. Available at:
A comparison of the periodontal status in patients with mucous membrane pemphigoid: a 5-year follow-up.
Our review is presenting details over systemic lupus erythematosus, Sjogren syndrome, pemphigus vulgaris, mucous membrane pemphigoid, and Behcet disease.
Two additional pemphigoid subtypes are part of the differential when a patient presents with a blistering skin condition: pemphigoid gestationis and mucous membrane pemphigoid. (2)
(14.) Lourari S, Herve C, Doffoel-Hantz V, Meyer N, Bulai-Livideanu C, Viraben R, et al.: Bullous and mucous membrane pemphigoid show a mixed response to rituximab: experience in seven patients.
Based on these findings, the provisional diagnosis was Pemphigus and differential diagnosis included mucous membrane pemphigoid, erosive lichen planus, recurrent apthous stomatitis major and erythema multiformae.
Previously designated "benign mucous membrane pemphigoid," cicatricial pemphigoid is a chronic, blistering, autoimmune disease that affects mucous membranes.