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MUDDMixed Use Development District
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David later married Mary Mudd and they settled in Manchester.
The immersion coverage was masterminded by CBS News President Fred Friendly, who predicted this would be "one of the most important running news stories of the decade." A typical day found Mudd offering a scene-setter for 8 a.m.
With Lt Mudd, 26, a troop commander from North Yorkshire, we move to our desert hideout in four Wimik Land Rovers.
In its unanimous decision to retain Mudd permanently, the board noted his leadership as Fannie's interim head, as well as his progress in rebuilding relationships with regulators and Congress and restoring the company to capital adequacy, said Board Chairman Stephen B, Ashley.
ROTHERHAM RES: Montgomery; Mudd,Hurst, Daws,Baudet,Ludlam,Fletcher,Radford,Newsham (Waite 53),Whittington (Brogan 61),Yates (Taylor 82).Sub: Harrison.
Immediately, Moat picked out Mudd who cut the deficit.
Samuel Mudd and the other Lincoln assassination conspirators.
"We recognize we have a role to play since food is part of the equation," said Kraft spokesman Michael Mudd. "Kraft wants to be part of the solution."
Samuel Mudd, whom Steers regards as guilty of helping Booth with the kidnapping plans and who certainly recognized Booth and knew what he had done when the actor stopped at the doctor's home to have his broken leg attended.
In the van Dam case, California Superior Court Judge William Mudd barred cameras from a May 6 pretrial hearing on several defense motions, however, saying that allowing cameras in the court could prejudice potential jurors in the trial of David Westerfield, 50.
"The Motley Fool was actually founded as a newsletter in 1993," said Jonathan Mudd, vice president and general manager at The Motley Fool, "so this is a little like 'Back to the Future' for the company."
Among those sentenced to life in prison was Samuel Alexander Mudd, the physician from southern Maryland who had harbored John Wilkes Booth and David E.