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MMPMMultimedia Presentation Manager
MMPMMillimeters per Minute (measurement)
MMPMMula sa Masa, Para sa Masa (Filipino news agency; est. 2016)
MMPMMillimeter-Wave Power Module (wireless applications)
MMPMMulti Media Presentation Manager (software product)
MMPMMEECN Message Processing Mode
MMPMModified Multiple Platform Method
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'Mula sa Masa, Para sa Masa' (From the Masses, For the Masses) is a weekly television program hosted by the President, alongside People's Television Network's Rocky Ignacio.
The recently launched Mula sa Masa, Para sa Masa tabloid, for example, is one of the new tools that the government will be using to reach out to the most number of people.
The photos showed Duterte at the studio where the weekly public affairs program 'Mula sa Masa, Para sa Masa' is being taped.
The show, titled 'Mula sa Masa, Para sa Masa,' will be aired nationwide over the government-owned PTV 4.