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MASSMassachusetts (old style)
MASSIEEE International Conference on Mobile Ad Hoc and Sensor Systems
MASSMassachusetts Anti-Slavery Society (est. 1835)
MASSMobile Adhoc and Sensor Systems
MASSMessage Authentication Signature Service
MASSMulti Ammunition Softkill System (naval self-defence system; Rheinmetall; Germany)
MASSMassachusetts Association of School Superintendents
MASSModular Aerial Spray System (US Air Force)
MASSMarine Air Support Squadron
MASSMagic Angle Sample Spinning
MASSMathematics Advanced Study Semesters
MASSMultiline Accuracy Support System (USPS)
MASSMobile Adhoc and Sensor Systems (IEEE conference)
MASSMesoscale Atmospheric Simulation System
MASSMichigan Agricultural Statistics Service
MASSMississippi Association of School Superintendents
MASSMulti-Agent Security and Survivability (IEEE Symposium)
MASSMichigan Aging Services System
MASSMass Area Superior Sampling Technology (NEC)
MASSMathématiques et Sciences Sociales (French: Mathematics and Social Sciences)
MASSModular Aerial Spray System
MASSMissile Applications Software Support
MASSMedio Ambiente, Salud y Seguridad (Spanish: Environment, Health and Safety)
MASSModular Aircraft Support System
MASSMobility Analysis Support System
MASSMilitary Airborne Surveillance System
MASSMichigan Association of Staffing Services
MASSMontana Association of School Superintendents (Helena, MT)
MASSMaintenance Automation System Software (FAA)
MASSMICAP Asset Sourcing System
MASSModular Aquatic Simulation System
MASSMaterial Accountability and Safeguards System (Los Alamos)
MASSModern Army Supply System
MASSMaritime Air Surface Surveillance
MASSMaritime Air Sea Surveillance
MASSMaritime Air Surveillance Support
MASSMicro Actuators, Sensors & Systems (Group)
MASSMOBCON Automated Support System
MASSMilitary Airlift Survivability Study
MASSMunicipality of Anchorage Standard Specification
MASSModular Adaptive Signal Sorter
MASSModern, Artistic, Structural, Sustainable (construction)
MASSModular Acoustics Simulation System
MASSMedium Acquisition Sun Sensor
MASSMinimum Aircraft Systems Performance Specifications
MASSMAGIC Automated Data Processing Support System
MASSMulti-Array Simulator/Stimulator
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In 2009 Rheinmetall won a contract to outfit twelve Canadian Halifax-class frigates with MASS, the Multi Ammunition Softkill System.
Another system, Multi Ammunition Softkill System (MASS), also developed by Rheinmetall, has undergone sea trials as part of the Halifax-class modernization project.
Rheinmetall has sold its Multi Ammunition Softkill System (Mass) to Finland, Germany, Norway, Sweden and most recently the United Arab Emirates.
The Norwegian Navy announced in December that its Skjold-class corvettes will be equipped with the Multi Ammunition Softkill System (MASS) self-protection system (shown here).
Another system, the Multi Ammunition Softkill System (MASS), which was also developed by Rheinmetall, is currently undergoing sea trials as part of the Halifax-class modernization.
The Rheinmetall team has sourced approximately 80 per cent of the material for the Multi Ammunition Softkill System from Canadian suppliers, easily surpassing the IRB offset requirements.
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