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MABPMean Arterial Blood Pressure
MABPMaximum Allowable Back Pressure
MABPMember of the Association of Business Psychologists (UK)
MABPMulti-Armed Bandit Problem (mathematics)
MABPMaster of Advanced Business Practice (degree)
MABPMean Ambulatory Blood Pressure
MABPMaximal Anal Basal Pressure (gastroenterology)
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Taken from those presented at the a December 2005 conference held in honor of the late Wei, these 20 papers echo his work in estimation and prediction in time series models, time series modeling in applications such as finance and macroeconomics, and such diverse fields of study as the multi-armed bandit problem, estimation in branching processes with immigration, stochastic approximation, adaptive control and limit theorems in probability.
For the classical multi-armed bandit problems, the player repeatly selects an arm among a number of alternative arms and observes its associated reward to find an arm that maximizes the average cumulative reward, as close as possible to the ideal reward obtained if we were to try the "best" arm at all times.
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