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MND(N)Multi-National Division North (SFOR)
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The author experienced transformation of division PM assets first hand when serving as the division environmental science and engineering officer (ESEO) in the Army's last remaining main support battalion, and then deploying to Multi-National Division North, Iraq with the restructured 1st Armored Division headquarters as the staff ESEO from September 2007 to December 2008.
After the rapid expansion of base camps in Multi-National Division North, both of these units stepped up and provided vital support to the Task Force Iron BCT PM assets.
The 3d Sustainment Brigade accepted the reins for sustainment of coalition forces within Multi-National Division North (MND-N) in Iraq from the 45th Sustainment Brigade on 26 June 2007, and its tour ended in September 2008.
Under the contract, Harris will deliver RF-7800W radios to the US Army for use in a range of missions, including in support of Multi-National Division North Iraq.
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