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MRECMississippi Real Estate Commission (est. 1954)
MRECMulticentre Research Ethics Committee (United Kingdom)
MRECMazda Rotary Enthusiasts Club (New Zealand)
MRECMobile Recruiting Conference
MRECMaryland Real Estate Commission (Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation; Baltimore, MD)
MRECMember of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (UK)
MRECMaterials Research and Education Center (Auburn University)
MRECMVCS Radio Equipment Cabinet
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Observational study of 353 applications to London multicentre research ethics committee 1997-2000.
"Responses of Local Research Ethics Committees to a Study with Approval from a Multicentre Research Ethics Committee." British Medical Journal 320 (7243): 1182-3.
The study was approved by the North London Multicentre Research Ethics Committee and the Trustees of East London Mosque.
As experts from the West Midlands Multicentre Research Ethics Committee point out, important trials which do not have financial support from pharmaceutical companies may fail to gain interest from doctors if they do not offer cash incentives.
Dr Jammi Rao, chairman of West Midlands Multicentre Research Ethics Committee, and Louis Sant Cassia, chairman of the Coventry Research Ethics Committee, wrote: ``The size of payment and not the buzz of research is what motivates doctors to join such trials.''
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