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Consider a multihop wireless network consisting of several nodes.
In this paper, we have experimented secrecy of routes by using Dynamic network coding (DNC) scheme in multihop wireless network. The issue of secure transmissions in a mission critical network in which a file is required to be delivered while keeping it secure from an eavesdropper is considered and a lifetime solution is obtained.
Thus, opportunistic routing leads to a load balancing while it increases the robustness of the multihop wireless network as multiple receptors are potential relays.
The number of SlotFrames in a ComFrame is calculated as the maximum hop count in a multihop wireless network plus 3.
Consider a new graph that includes the plant's sensors and actuator, where the plant is controlled using a multihop wireless network. In applied layer application, condition monitoring parameters are measured by sensors and transmitted in networks; the networks construction changed with uncertain interference; this output is different with ordinary output with its random delay, packets loss rate, and so on.
In [15], based on genetic algorithm an adaptive intelligent task mapping together with a scheduling scheme was proposed to provide a real-time guarantee for parallel processing in a multihop wireless network. Furthermore, to alleviate power scarcity of a multihop wireless network, a hybrid fitness function was devised and embedded in the algorithm to extend the overall network lifetime.
In a multihop wireless network, each node exchanges RTS, CTS and ACK packets on one CCH and data packets on another DCH using a half-duplex transceiver.
Yi and Shakkottai [14] research the impact of MAC layer with congestion and model the multihop wireless network by using a Lyapunov function based optimization framework and then propose distributed end-to-end algorithm and distributed hop-by-hop algorithm.
In a multihop wireless network, all nodes are randomly distributed in a given area and share one wireless symmetrical channel.
Multihop Wireless Networks (MHWNs) face various security problems due to their shared nature and open access to wireless mediums.
[7] Xin Wang and Koushik Kar, "Cross-layer rate optimization for proportional fairness in multihop wireless networks with random access," IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, vol.
Multihop wireless networks are self-organizing and self-healing with cost-effective deployment and maintenance, yet a lot needs to be done in terms of efficient and robust solutions.