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MLIRMultilingual Information Retrieval (application)
MLIRMultilevel Image Registration
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[5.] Ming-Feng, Tsai, Wang Yu-Ting, and Chen Hsin-Hsi: A Study of Learning a Merge Model for Multilingual Information Retrieval. In: Proceedings of the 31st Annual International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval.
In 2000, the evaluation of multilingual information retrieval systems moved to Europe and the first CLEF workshop took place.
Topics at the 30th European Conference on Information Retrieval (ECIR '08) include theory and models for information retrieval; categorization and clustering; intranet, desktop, enterprise, and blog search; and cross-language and multilingual information retrieval.
Some sample screen shots of the multilingual information retrieval system are given below.
Basis Technology specializes in multilingual information retrieval, focusing on the problem of searching, sorting, classifying, and organizing information in many different languages.
1996 in Bonn), multilingual information retrieval (March 1997, Zurich), image indexing and retrieval (Aug.
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