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MLEEMultilocus Enzyme Electrophoresis
MLEEMaple Leaf Environmental Equipment (Canada and US)
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Methods of multilocus enzyme electrophoresis for bacterial population genetics and systematics.
Biochemical discriminatory methods, such as outer membrane protein analysis, lipopolysaccharide profiling, multilocus enzyme electrophoresis, and several biomolecular techniques, including analysis of DNA restriction fragment length polymorphisms (RFLP), randomly amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD), and amplification and enzyme restriction of the rDNA gene, have been used in epidemiological and pathogenesis studies of H.
Trypanosoma cruzi clonal diversity: identification of discrete phylogenetic lineages by random amplified polymorphic DNA and multilocus enzyme electrophoresis analysis.
meningitidis serogroup B strains isolated in Oregon during 1993-1994, a total of 64 (56%) has been characterized at CDC by multilocus enzyme electrophoresis. Of these, 55 (86%) belong to the enzyme type-5 (ET-5) complex, a group of genetically related serogroup B meningococcal strains associated with epidemic meningococcal disease in other countries (2).
Multilocus enzyme electrophoresis (MLEE) has been used to study variation in B.
Several other methods have been used to type different isolates of the same species, in particular, multilocus enzyme electrophoresis (15) and multilocus sequence typing (MLST) (16).
vulnificus populations into 2 major groups is consistent with results of multilocus enzyme electrophoresis studies (19).
Population genetic analysis of Helicobacter pylori by multilocus enzyme electrophoresis: extensive allelic diversity and recombinational population structure.
Multilocus enzyme electrophoresis, pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (PFGE), multilocus sequence typing, multilocus DNA fragment typing, and sequencing the 16S rRNA gene are new genotypic approaches to characterize N.