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MNGMultiple-image Network Graphics (PNG-like image format supporting multiple images, animation and transparency)
MNGMontgomery (Amtrak station code; Montgomery, WV)
MNGMongolia (ISO Country code)
MNGMultiple Frame Network Graphics
MNGMulti Image Network Graphics
MNGMultinodular Goiter
MNGMeet 'n Greet
MNGMulti-Nodular Goiter
MNGMultinucleated Gonocytes (fetal testicular development)
MNGMulti-Network Gateway
MNGMaine Natural Gas Company
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DEHP/DBP exposure also induces germ cell effects in the fetal rat testis, namely, induction of multinucleated gonocytes (MNGs) (Ferrara et al.
Effect of exposure to vehicle or DBP (500 mg/kg/day) on the induction of multinucleated gonocytes (MNGs) in rat testes at E21.
Because multinucleated gonocytes have been shown to be induced in the fetal rat testis by in utero exposure to certain phthalates (Fisher et al.