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From formulas (26) and (28), the BER formula of the MISO-SRMR-DCSK system in the multipath Rayleigh fading channel is as follows
From the simulation results obtained, we can say that increasing diversity allows combating the effect of the multipath Rayleigh fading channel. At the same transmission rate, the performance of the same channel gain of the two channels is about 3 dB higher than that of the different channel gain.
The averaging-correlation algorithm is noticeably faster than the FFT search algorithm in both cases of one-path and multipath Rayleigh fading channels. In the case of a multipath Rayleigh fading channel, the averaging-correlation algorithm could not detect the two other peaks that are characterized by the higher fading, because this algorithm is very sensitive to noise.
In this article, a fast GPS satellite signal acquisition, based on an averaging-correlation algorithm, is proposed for frequency-selective multipath Rayleigh fading channels. In the Global Positioning System (GPS), receivers spend a long time acquiring the signals.
(2,11) In this article, various acquisition schemes are investigated for rapid GPS signal acquisition over multipath Rayleigh fading channels.
The averaging-correlation algorithm is more sensitive to the noise variance, in both AWGN and multipath Rayleigh fading channels. Figure 12 shows the effect of Doppler shift on the code phase.
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