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MPOGMultiplayer Online Game
MPOGMicrobial Prospection for Oil and Gas (geological exploration technology)
MPOGMountains Plus Outdoor Gear (Washington)
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The multiplayer online games and the e-sports sectors are growing rapidly but both the publishers and the gamers want drastic reduction in lag, and that is what we are providing," said Vijai Karthigesu, founder and CEO of Ubique.
Netdragon Websoft Inc is a Chinese company that develops and operates massively multiplayer online games in addition to making mobile applications.
Massive multiplayer online games are neither inherently toxic nor negative, but can be either destructive or healing depending upon the overall context of the players and the social support systems within and outside the game," he suggested.
Rights to develop and publish multiplayer online games have been awarded exclusively to Microsoft Corp, the software giant has revealed.