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MEMEMultimedia & Electronic Music Experiments (Brown University)
MEMEMiddle East Music Ensemble (University of Chicago; Illinois)
MEMEMaster of Engineering in Manufacturing Engineering (University of New Mexico; Albuquerque, NM)
MEMEMississippi Early Music Ensemble (University of Mississippi Department of Music)
MEMEMultiple EM (Expectation Maximization) for Motif Elicitation (DNA analysis tool)
MEMEMultiple Entry, Multiple Exit (computing)
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Survey results suggested the presence of multiple EM anomalies of which 5 were regarded as high-order late-time anomalies.
garinii, n = 46 n = 21 Individual EM 9 91 Multiple EM 0 14 Fever ([dagger]) 98 67 Fatigue 98 86 Headache 89 57 Chills 35 10 Myalgia 59 52 Arthralgia 28 29 Nausea 30 10 Vomiting 7 5 Neck stiffness 2 0 Overall No.
Both programs use multiple EM cycles but BILOG-MG does not update the prior ability distribution during FIPC calibration whereas PARSCALE updates the prior ability distribution multiple times.
As you might surmise from the above discussion, in order to be competitive when faced with a wide variety of problems, a well equipped high frequency designer requires multiple EM tools.
Such upgrades will ensure that ADS users of TriQuint kits have a complete streamlined flow that supports the multiple EM technologies integrated within ADS, like the Momentum tool.
With the EM-Socket software, users can capture a physical structure once (using the Microwave Office GUI) and then send the analysis out to multiple EM tools to compare results.
The three methods considered were the marginal maximum likelihood estimate with one EM cycle (OEM) method, the marginal maximum likelihood estimate with multiple EM cycles (MEM) method, and Stocking's Method B.
This open standard enables users to access multiple EM simulators, from a variety of vendors, without leaving the Microwave Office design environment.
This is particularly true in one-off relationships related to a specific project or when a design firm bids multiple EMS firms for production once the design is complete.
Also, when the OEM uses multiple EMS firms, by using an independent third party, the OEM would own the test program and can ensure consistency among the subcontractors when it comes to ICT.
The company said it anticipates additional SE 300 orders during the second quarter from multiple EMS and OEM customers.
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