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MLVMurine Leukemia Virus
MLVMotor Luggage Van (rail car; UK)
MLVMemory Loader Verifier
MLVMulti Language Version
MLVMulti Language Vendor
MLVMultirole Light Vehicle
MLVModified Live Virus
MLVModified Live Vaccine
MLVMagnetic Low Voltage
MLVMedium Launch Vehicle
MLVMultiple Language Version (films)
MLVMcNicoll, Lewis & Vlak (investment bank; New York, NY)
MLVMatinee Las Vegas (Las Vegas, CA)
MLVMulti-Language Vendor
MLVMemory Loader/Verifier
MLVMulti-Layer Varistor (electronic component)
MLVMortgage Lending Value
MLVMain Line Valve
MLVMaximum Likelihood Voting (reliability)
MLVMean of Least Variance (image processing)
MLVMost Likely Value
MLVMonitored Live Voice (audiology)
MLVMagnetic Levitation Vehicle
MLVMinimum Lexographic Value
MLVMilitair Lichamelijke Vaardigheid (Dutch: Military Physical Proficency)
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And, it is the multiple language versions of Karma Sutra(the flagship product of the Hingori Sutras) that were launched today by Mr Suresh Prabhu, Union Minister for Indian Railways.
It is no longer necessary to send source files to the translation providers or manage multiple language versions of a website.
Patrice Petro's "The Blue Angel in Multiple-Language Versions--The Inner Thighs of Miss Dietrich," takes on the vexing issue of multiple language versions of The Blue Angel.
Of course, the specs raised a number of issues, including system compatibility; availability of digital film files; concerns about security, multiple language versions and ratings; as well as financing woes.
Multiple language versions of taxonomies are supported.
Because PartitionMagic 8.0 supports various file systems (NTFS, FAT 32, FAT, Linux Ext2 and Linux Ext3), users are also able to run multiple OSes -- such as a Windows and a Linux OS or multiple language versions of an OS.
'The problem at present is that multiple language versions have to be kept up to date as texts are drafted and re-drafted in the process of discussions between different Commissioners and their departments.
Gordano Ltd., has introduced multiple language versions of its browser-based email client, GL WebMail.
Several of the fonts now contain the Euro monetary symbol and all packages provide multiple language versions including French and German.
"It's particularly important to provide reliable multiple language versions in our industry as there is so much specialist terminology and scientific information that standard web-browser translation services simply cannot handle."
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