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MMVMedicines for Malaria Venture
MMVMultimedia Viewer
MMVMultimedia Victoria
MMVMeasurement, Monitoring and Verification (CO2 geological storage)
MMVMet Medewerking Van (Dutch: with the Cooperation Of)
MMVMonitoring, Measurement and Verification
MMVMcMinnville Municipal Airport (McMinnville, Tennessee)
MMVMaize Mosaic Virus
MMVMobile Medical Van (various locations)
MMVMobile Money Ventures, LLC (joint venture of SK Telecom and Citigroup)
MMVMileage May Vary (see also YMMV)
MMVMillennia Military Vehicle
MMVMedal of Military Valour (Canadian naval decoration)
MMVMoog Modular V
MMVMandatory Minute Ventilation
MMVMatchstick-Man Visualization (Oulu, Finland, University of Oulu)
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MMVMouse Minute Virus
MMVMission-Ministry Vision
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MMVMicromaster Vector
MMVMobile Mammography Van (health care; various locations)
MMVMirabilis Mosaic Virus
MMVMega Man V (video game)
MMVMaximum Majority Voting
MMVMega Man 5 (video game)
MMVMaximal Voluntary Ventilation
MMVMedium Multirole Vehicle
MMVMultiple Measurement Vector
MMVMapping, Modeling and Visualization
MMVMain Metering Valve
MMVMultimedia Visionaries
MMVMonitoring and Management of Visitors Flows in Recreational and Protected Areas (conference)
MMVMünchner Modellraketenverein Ev (German: Munich Model Rocketry Club)
MMVMaximally Malignant Virus
MMVMars Mini Vehicle
MMVMulti Media Versand (German)
MMVEaton Vance Massachusetts Municipal Income Trust Fund (stock symbol)
MMVMutual Ministry Valuations
MMVMicro Multivoid
MMVMonday Morning Volume
MMVMulti-Nutrient Muli-Vitamin
MMVMicrovillous Membrane Vesicles
MMVMajestic Mountains Vacations (Pigeon Forge, Tennessee)
MMVMultimedia & Vision Research Group
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To make sufficient use of the multiple snapshots and obtain a better clutter suppression performance, multisnapshots are employed in synergy, which is called sparse solution with multiple measurement vectors [20-22] (MMV).
By exploiting the waveform diversity of MIMO radar, the cell under test can be transformed into multisnapshots for phased array radar, which seeks to estimate the high-resolution space-time spectrum with multiple measurement vectors.
When a sequence of measurement vectors are available, (9) can be extended to the multiple measurement vectors (MMV) model, which provides informative coupling between the vectors.
We set N = 150 and K = 3, the compressive measured dimension is M = 50, the dimension of the multiple measurement vectors is L = 10, and the selective parameter is set to P = 50.
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