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MCQMultiple Choice Question
MCQMcafee Quarantined File
MCQManagement Communication Quarterly (Sage Publications)
MCQMagistrates' Court Qualification (UK)
MCQMarathon Call to Quarters (Military)
MCQMorning Call to Quarters (Military)
MCQMilitary Call to Quarters (US Air Force Academy)
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It includes various formats like Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), Short Essay Questions (SEQs), viva voce and practical examinations.
(1994) Student experiences in studying for multiple choice question examinations.
New indices for refining multiple choice questions. Article ID 240263, Journal of Probability and Statistics 2014;2014: p.
Analysis of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs): Item and Test Statistics from an assessment in a medical college of Kolkata, West Bengal.
Assessment of higher order cognitive skills in undergraduate education: modified essay or multiple choice questions? BMC Med Educ.
To this end, a research AUF-e / e of the author (s) e-specialist (s) in the area of gender to design, produce, deliver courses with multiple choice questions on a remote platform, and run a forum online giving rise to the issuance of a certificate of successful monitoring after training.
The book is written entirely in point form, with each chapter starting out with 'Key Points' followed by an introduction, minimal expansion and finishing with multiple choice questions. Unfortunately, in point form the book rarely adequately explains or explores echocardiography concepts which would suit a novice.
The Second Nanotechnology National Competition consisted of 120 multiple choice questions and the participants were required to pass the examination in 90 minutes.
All you have to do is test your vocabulary in a series of multiple choice questions. For each question you get right, 10 rice grains are donated to the World Food Programme.
of California at Irvine) utilizes a multiple-choice question format in each chapter in which he begins with the explanation of a specific rule, followed by a series of multiple choice questions and accompanying explanation/analysis of the best answers.
All you have to do is answer 20 multiple choice questions and rate each one's priority as "high," "medium" or "low." And that's it.
Basically, it consists in a series of practical English questions under the shape of multiple choice questions to consolidate the "Najja7ni" (Help me pass!) school service, already launched in June 2010.
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