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Products available "under multiple-award schedule contracts or non-DoD Government-Wide Acquisition Contracts awarded before July 1, 2002, must be evaluated when and if a version release of the product is made available under the contract." Simply stated, this means that products that are just now being received by the DoD under contracts awarded before July 1, 2002, must be evaluated and validated under the CC.
You must market your services directly to the Federal Supply Service (FSS)--the GSA's purchasing office, which buys auditing and financial management services--to get your firm's name on the FSS's multiple-award schedule for auditing and financial management services.
seq.) to, among other things: (1) define "consolidated contract; consolidation" as a multiple-award contract or a contract for goods or services with a federal agency that: (a) combines discrete procurement requirements from not less than two existing contracts, (b) adds new, discrete procurement requirements to an existing contract, or (c) includes two or more discrete requirements: (2) define "multiple-award contract" as: (a) a contract the administrator of the GSA enters into under the multiple-award schedule program (10 U.S.C.
This will require a change to the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and the Small Business Administration (SBA) regulations, as these do not currently require reviews on orders under agency multiple-award contracts, multi-agency contracts, governmentwide acquisition contracts, or the General Services Administration's multiple-award schedule contracts.
A key method for getting government contracts is through the General Services Administration multiple-award schedules program.
GSA maintains the GSA Multiple-Award Schedules, also known as the Federal Supply Schedules (FSS), under which federal agencies have access to products and services.
She took over an agency that was reeling from investigators' reports showing procurement irregularities, turnover among top officials and buyouts of rank-and-file employees and a decline in IT sales through its multiple-award schedules and governmentwide acquisition contracts.
GSA is also requesting comments on whether post-award audit provisions should be included in its multiple-award schedules contracts and governmentwide acquisition contracts.
Integrated Technology Services will manage information technology, professional services, and telecommunications business lines, including multiple-award schedules and GWACs.
* www.gsa.gov/schedules for GSA Multiple-Award Schedules,
In the draft published June 2, GSA said it will merge its Federal Technology Service and Federal Supply Service into a single Federal Acquisition Service that would manage the multiple-award schedules, governmentwide acquisition contracts and the assisted procurements now run by the Technology Service.
Importantly, this ANPR is not intended to affect the special ordering procedures issued by GSA pursuant to FAR 8.402 for the procurement of services under the Multiple-Award Schedules. Comments are due by November 19, 2004.
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