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MOMMessage Oriented Middleware
MOMPlease Wait A Moment
MOMManagement Object Model
MOMMicrosoft Operations Manager (Microsoft)
MOMMoment (Augenblick)
MOMMission of Mercy (various locations)
MOMMan of the Match
MOMMind Over Matter (NIDA youth drug abuse program)
MOMMinistry of Manpower (Singapore)
MOMMothers of Multiples
MOMMan on a Mission
MOMMethod of Manufacture
MOMMomentary (electronic switches)
MOMMessage-Oriented Middleware
MOMMonth over Month (finance)
MOMMars Orbiter Mission (Indian Space Research Organization)
MOMMary Our Mother (religion)
MOMManagement, Operations and Maintenance (various organizations)
MOMMysterious Origins of Man (archeology TV show)
MOMMaintenance of Membership (various locations)
MOMMade of Money
MOMMilk of Magnesia
MOMMetal-On-Metal (arthroplasty, hip resurfacing)
MOMMinutes Of Meeting
MOMMinions of Mirth (Mmorpg computer game)
MOMMinister of Music
MOMMethods of Mayhem
MOMMinistry of Magic (Harry Potter)
MOMMouse on Mars (website)
MOMModern Office Methods (Dayton, OH)
MOMMaster of Magic (computer game)
MOMMy Organic Market (Rockville, MD)
MOMMessage Oriented Mobility
MOMMotherboard Operation Monitor
MOMMicrosoft Operations Manager
MOMMessaging Oriented Middleware
MOMMachine Ordered Miniserver
MOMMicrosoft Office Manager
MOMMethod of Moments
MOMMobile Workforce Management
MOMManufacturing Operations Management
MOMMinistry of Mayhem (iTV Saturday morning kids TV show)
MOMMonth on Month
MOMMoment of Madness (band)
MOMMean Old Man
MOMMen on A Mission
MOMMember of Management
MOMManager Of Managers
MOMMother of Many (education program)
MOMMilitary Ordinary Mail (US DoD)
MOMMobile Operations Manager (software)
MOMMechanics of Materials
MOMMethod Of Moment (4 mallet marimba method)
MOMMan On the Move
MOMMember of the Order of Merit of the Police Forces (Canada)
MOMMail Order Marijuana
MOMMicrosoft Office Manager (Microsoft Office 98 - Macintosh Edition)
MOMMultiples of the Median
MOMMilitary Outreach Ministry
MOMMilitia Of Montana
MOMModular Ocean Model
MOMMini Optical Mouse (various companies)
MOMMask of Madness (gaming)
MOMMixed Orientation Marriage (straight person married to a gay person)
MOMMeasures Of Merit
MOMMothers on the Move (New York)
MOMMean Old Mom
MOMMiddle of Month
MOMMonmouth-Ocean-Middlesex (proposed New Jersey rail line)
MOMMaster of Mathematics
MOMMust Obey Me
MOMMan-Overboard Module (navigation/GPS)
MOMMission Operations Manager (NASA)
MOMMetal Oxide Metal
MOMMedical Opportunities in Michigan
MOMMinistry of Oil and Minerals (Yemen)
MOMMotion Odyssey Movie (Jordan's Furniture store ride)
MOMMany On Many
MOMMaker of Me
MOMMachines of Madness
MOMMacs of Marin
MOMMost Outstanding Mother
MOMMaintenance Operations Management
MOMMotorcycle Owner's Manual
MOMMethod, Opportunity, Motive (cybersecurity)
MOMMeg O'Malley's (Melbourne, FL pub)
MOMMobile Operational Management (computing)
MOMMilitary Official Mail
MOMMise En Ordre de Marche (Informatique)
MOMMajor of Marines
MOMManufacturing Operations Manager
MOMMusic for Our Mother earth (song)
MOMMissouri Meerschaum Company (maker of corncob pipes)
MOMMade of Miracles
MOMMobile Originated Message
MOMMelody of Melancholy (online manga)
MOMMulti-Objective Model
MOMMars Observer Mission
MOMMind Over Matter, Inc.
MOMManaged Object Manager
MOMMinobschmash (Ministry of General Machine Building, USSR)
MOMMission Omega Matrix (The Famous Jett Jackson TV show)
MOMMarine Operations Manual (International IMO Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit)
MOMMainframe Order Management (Sprint)
MOMModulation Output Mode (Agilent)
MOMMissiles of Magic (gaming)
MOMMobile Operations Module (X-34 Vehicle)
MOMMission Operations Meeting
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We further conducted a mock risk analysis for Down syndrome by selecting 17 weeks' gestational age, varying the u[E.sub.3] concentration at fixed multiples of the medians of 0.65 for AFP and 1.75 for both [beta]-hCG and inhibin A with the alpha antenatal screening software (version 7.1, Logical Medical Systems).
Biomarker concentrations may be reported either as actual values, i.e., IU/mL or [micro]g/L, or as multiples of the median. MoM values are determined by dividing the patient's biomarker serum concentration by the marker's median concentration in matched, unaffected controls.
[1] Nonstandard abbreviations: ADAM12s, a disintegrin and metalloprotease 12s; GA, gestational age; MoM, multiples of the median; DR, detection rate; FPR, false-positive rate.
In the current study, investigators converted nuchal thickness measurements to multiples of the median and standardized them for biparieral diameter measurement, comparing an individual fetus's measurement to standardized measurements, for a normal fetal group to calculate the individual's risk for heart defects.
The multiples of the median (MoM) were derived from regressed medians, with gestational days used as the independent variable.
Based on these particular observations, some labs employ a fixed cutoff system for maternal serum markers whereby a screen is considered positive if maternal serum contains levels of alpha-fetoprotein 0.75 multiples of the median (MOM), unconjugated estriol 0.6 MOM, and HCG 0.55 MOM.
All mRNA values in both cases and controls were expressed as multiples of the median (MoM).
Median fetal DNA concentrations were calculated as a function of increasing gestational age by use of weighted log-linear regression for the 157 control samples, and all fetal DNA amounts in the HG groups and controls are expressed as multiples of the median (MoM).
The median values of maternal serum AFP, hCG, and [uE.sub.3] in these cases of fetal Turner syndrome were 0.82 multiples of the median [MoM; n = 19; 95% confidence interval (CI), 0.73-1.21], 2.63 MoM (n = 17; 95% CI, 1.74-4.60), and 0.48 MoM (n = 7; 95% CI, 0.32-0.98), respectively.
Results for each analyte were expressed in multiples of the median (MoM) for unaffected pregnancies of the same gestational age, derived from the regressed [log.sub.10] medians for the analyte when appropriate and from the overall control population median for analytes with concentrations unrelated to gestational age.
A cutoff of 2.0 multiples of the median (MoM) was used to define the patients at increased risk for a fetus with an ONTD and a mid-trimester risk of 1:270 was used as a cutoff to define high risk for Down syndrome.
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