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MAGEMultiplex Automated Genome Engineering (biotechnology)
MAGEMelanoma Antigen Gene
MAGEMean Absolute Gross Error
MAGEMarine Aerosol and Gas Exchange
MAGEMAGE Adventure Game Engine
MAGEMarburg Ad-hoc Grid Environment
MAGEMechanical Aerospace Ground Equipment
MAGEMulti-Purpose Advanced Game Engine
MAGEMultiple Angled Geometric Extension
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The company s proprietary genome engineering platform is built on Multiplex Automated Genome Engineering technology, developed by the company s co-founders, Drs.
Church also explains everything and then some about many of his inventions, such as "multiplex automated genome engineering," which breaks apart DNA and mutates small sections of it to test for the evolutionarily fittest versions.
Unlike the traditional way of tackling one gene at a time to mutate its letters to achieve a particular effect, the new approach, called multiplex automated genome engineering (MAGE), can create hundreds or thousands of mutations in a few days at a cost of a few thousand dollars.
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