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Captain Dean was the commander of the BTT from the 502d Multirole Bridge Company.
In late 2010 and early 2011, with no detriment to the other companies in the battalion, the 62d Engineer Battalion completed 295 services for the 74th Multirole Bridge Company as it prepared to induct equipment into the left-behind equipment program.
The battalion also had direct control of the assets from the 299th Multirole Bridge Company, whose hydraulic excavator (HYEX) and D7 dozer were vital to the mission.
The assets available were an M9 ACE team, a SEE from Bravo Company, a D7 dozer, and a HYEX from the 299th Multirole Bridge Company.
The Program Manager for Bridging fielded four DSB systems to the 74th Multirole Bridge Company in February 2003 just before its deployment to Southwest Asia, and the system successfully supported operations there.
Bridge crewmen from the 74th Multirole Bridge Company would erect and launch a 350-meter double-single Mabey-Johnson float bridge.
The 1437th Multirole Bridge Company (MRBC) of Sault Ste.
The multirole bridge company conversion is on schedule, with three Active Component and five U.
Another alternative suggested was to add a third platoon to the multirole bridge company, thus having a full complement of assault, support, and LOC bridging capabilities at the corps level.
If an assault float-bridge company or multirole bridge company is not located at your post, coordinate with the Reserve Component.
and ROK bridgemodernization programs to meet the theater's unique needs (for example, converting to the multirole bridge company, fielding the Wolverine heavy assault bridge, and developing a suitable LOC bridging system); and employing military causeway systems as well as proven, commercially manufactured panel bridging.
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