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MSCTMultislice Computed Tomography
MSCTmultislice spiral computed tomography
MSCTMost Significant Change Technique
MSCTMicrosoft Shared Computer Toolkit
MSCTMechanical Sidewall Coring Tool (mining tool)
MSCTMicrosoft Certified Trainer
MSCTMultiple Source Correlator Tracker (military command and control)
MSCTMaster of Science in Communication and Computer Network Technology (Assumption University of Thailand; Bangkok, Thailand)
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Multislice computed tomography (MSCT) CAG is highly accurate for the exclusion of significant coronary artery stenoses (>50% luminal narrowing), with high negative predictive values (NPVs), as compared with conventional CAG.
Evaluation of simulated bone lesion in the head of the mandible by using multislice computed tomography.
Multislice computed tomography coronary angiography for risk stratification in patients with an intermediate pretest likelihood.
Before autopsy in all 3 cases postmortem cross-sectional imaging was executed on a 6-row multislice computed tomography scanner (Emotion 6, Siemens Medical Solutions, Erlangen, Germany).
YES] Measuring coronary calcium load by electron-beam or multislice computed tomography is a relatively low-cost test that identifies men with atherosclerosis who are also at risk for developing coronary heart disease.
Multislice computed tomography angiography for noninvasive assessment of the 18-month performance of a novel radiolucent bioresorbable vascular scaffolding device: The ABSORB trial (a clinical evaluation of the bioabsorbable everolimus eluting coronary stent system in the treatment of patients with de novo native coronary artery lesions).
In Sport trauma department of Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics (Uzbekistan) in 12 patients (8 male, 4 female) the multislice computed tomography with administering intraarticular oxygen was carried out to clarify causes of contractures and character of structural changes of soft tissues providing knee joint function.
Multislice computed tomography coronary angiography is emerging as a reliable non-invasive method for the assessment of coronary artery disease, coronary anatomy and cardiac function.
Contract notice: Buy multislice computed tomography with warranty and after-sales service maintenance.
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