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MUDMulti-User Dungeon (gaming)
MUDMulti-User Dungeon
MUDMunicipal Utility District
MUDMoose Utility Division
MUDMake Up Designory (trade school; various locations)
MUDMulti User Detection
MUDMulti User Dungeon
MUDMulti User Domain
MUDMulti User Adventure
MUDMulti User Dimensions
MUDMulti-User Dimension
MUDMatched Unrelated Donor (stem cell transplantation)
MUDMulti-User Domain
MUDMiddle Up Down (bridge game)
MUDMetropolitan Utilities District
MUDMultiuser Detection
MUDMaster of Urban Design
MUDMultiple User Dialogue
MUDMaster Unit Die
MUDMulti-User Detector (communications)
MUDMade Up Drama
MUDMesa de Unión Democrática (Spanish: Table Democratic Union)
MUDManagement of Uncertain Data (workshop)
MUDModello unico di Dichiarazione Ambiente (Italian: Unique Environment Statement Pattern)
MUDMaster User Domain
MUDMarrow Unrelated Donor
MUDMultiple Unit Discount
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This shows that the hybrid multiuser detection can suppress multiaccess interference.
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To sum up, the proposed approach can make the multiuser detection with 4 steps.