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MLRMMinistry of Land Reform and Management (Nepal)
MLRMMalone Lumber & Ready-Mix (New York)
MLRMMultivariate Linear Regression Model
MLRMMerrill Lynch Relocation Management
MLRMMultiple Linear Regression Method (respiratory mechanics)
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Multivariate linear regression model 2--HH variables and locations: All along this analysis, large differences in IIH in the different locations were observed.
To explore the impact of location on IIH that was not explained by the attributes of the HH themselves a second multivariate linear regression model was run, in which dummy variables were added for the different locations.
However, when the impact of age and gender distribution within HHs on the variability in IIH was examined through the multivariate linear regression model, gender became an insignificant explanatory variable, suggesting that the gender variable may in fact be a confounder for other features.
Interestingly, the two locations in Maharashtra, one urban and the other rural, were very similar in their IIH (and the difference between them in the multivariate linear regression model was insignificant).
Spatial and other known covariates are evaluated in multivariate linear regression models of blood organochlorine levels.
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