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There is also a growing body of evidence for the borrowing of multiword units, even highly conventional sayings and expressions, such as miec ciastko i zjesc ciastko 'to have your cake and eat it (too)' or ogon kreci psem' the tail is wagging the dog'.
Some multiword units in Polish consist of two nouns, as shown in (6-8).
Consequently, the coordination test is not a fully reliable diagnostic of the syntactic nature of the multiword units in Polish.
Note that this component can also analyze multiword units, which are mapped into the KB representation space.
The work centers on the extraction and in-depth linguistic and lexicographic investigation of some 1,000 German multiword units, particularly verb phrase idioms and support verb constructions that are considered fixed.
A profile of multiword units is established, based on three series of contemporary ELT textbooks published between 2003 and 2005, including Communication Strategies (Paul, 2003), Touchstone (McCarthy, McCarten, & Sandiford, 2005), and Totally True (Huizenga & Huizenga, 2005).
Because it focuses on multiword units rather than keywords, says Alexander, "Our linguistic DNA technology produces much more meaningful results than keyword-driven technologies.
Skandera (business and management, Management Center Innsbruck) presents a collection of 17 papers exploring the cultural dimension of a wide range of preconstructed or semi-preconstructed word combinations in English, including highly opaque multiword units, collocations, irreversible binominals, phrasal verbs, compounds, metaphorical expressions, similes, proverbs, familiar quotations, catch phrases, cliches, slogans, expletives, and discourse markers.
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