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Giry, why I shouldn't ask you what happened last night to make you and the inspector call in a municipal guard
When the Municipal Council had authorized the making of the road, I went to the prefect and obtained some money from the charitable funds at the disposal of the department, in order to pay for the hire of carts, for the Commune was unable to undertake the transport of road metal for lack of wheeled conveyances.
There was no municipal police for the purpose of apprehending vagrants and disorderly characters.
It was useless to prolong the discussion: everybody knew the melancholy fate of the few gentlemen who had risked their clean linen in municipal or state politics in New York.
Brooke could not resist the pleasure of corresponding with Will and Dorothea; and one morning when his pen had been remarkably fluent on the prospects of Municipal Reform, it ran off into an invitation to the Grange, which, once written, could not be done away with at less cost than the sacrifice
That was reserved exclusively for resident or corresponding members; no one else could possibly have obtained a place; and the city magnates, municipal councilors, and "select men" were compelled to mingle with the mere townspeople in order to catch stray bits of news from the interior.
There was an endless round of institutions, municipal and eleemosynary, on which he might set out and receive lodging and food accordant with the simple life.
AZ Premium Income Municipal Fund will pay a distribution of USD0.
The new municipal advisor law was created by Section 975 of the Dodd-Frank Act to amend Section 15B of the Exchange Act.
Even big cities like Detroit built municipal power systems to cut prices and extend service.
Committee chairman Wayne Crawford suggested that a municipal utility would be very attractive to business such as Six Flags California and homeowners in Stevenson Ranch, which are outside Santa Clarita's borders.
If that's the case, consider switching some of your fixed-income investments to municipal bond funds, which pay tax-exempt income.
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