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MLULMunicipal Land Use Law (New Jersey)
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PROFESSIONAL SERVICE/TITLE SOUGHT: REDEVELOPMENT/LAND USE COUNSEL (Land Use, Redevelopment & Real Estate Matters) Redevelopment and Land Use Counsel to represent the CITY OF BAYONNE in all aspects of redevelopment, municipal land use law and real estate law including but not limited to Fair Housing Act, COAH, and affordable housing issues; eminent domain and redevelopment and real estate issues; municipal land use law including state regulations affecting the same; NJDEP, legislation, and regulations; and familiarity with Titles 40 & 40Aof the New Jersey Statutes.
Rubright is the author of legal briefs on a novel statutory conflict issue between the Municipal Land Use Law and the Right to Farm Act.
The effort shall produce a master plan re-examination report for the Bayonne Planning Board s adoption in accordance with the applicable statute, namely Article 11 of the Municipal Land Use Law (N.J.S.A.
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