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MPMPMunicipal Performance Measurement Program (Canada)
MPMPMaine Products Marketing Program (Department of Economic and Community Development; Augusta, ME)
MPMPModification Program Management Plan
MPMPMemphis Property Management Professionals (Memphis, TN)
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These two provinces have been considered as leaders in performance reporting in Canada as a result of unique legislation each province has enacted--the mandatory municipal performance measurement program in Ontario and the legislated annual reports for all public sectors in British Columbia.
In 2000, Ontario became the first state or province in North America to mandate a municipal performance measurement program for all municipalities.
This level of discretion and customization is in stark contrast to the uniform and provincially mandated reporting requirements in Ontario's municipal performance measurement program. British Columbia began its municipal performance reporting program in 2003, in consultation with the Union of BC Municipalities, the provincial government and local government management associations.
The perception of local managers is that the current municipal performance measurement program provides for none of these things.
To truly respond to citizens, we need to go beyond merely informing them (as the Ontario municipal performance measurement program shows) to creating an active, participatory citizenry.
Ontario's Municipal Performance Measurement Program: Fostering Innovation and Accountability in Local Government John Burke June, Page 22
Empowered by the Act, the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (OMMAH) established the Municipal Performance Measurement Program (MPMP) in 2000--the first in Canada.
(1.) For a more complete discussion of the rationale for developing the Ontario Municipal Performance Measurement Program, see John Burke, "Why are Provinces and Territories Promoting Performance Measurement in Municipalities?" in Provincial-Territorial Charrette on Municipal Performamce and its Measurement (May 2004), available at
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