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MUNSMunitions Squadron
MUNSMunicipal Security (New York Police Department)
MUNSMagnum Universal Night Sight (OmniTech Partners, Inc.)
MUNSMulti-User Narrowband System
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K) and reported that he died after setting himself on fire following a spat with municipal security officers.Algeria witnessed four reported cases of self-immolation in 2011.
Most complaints of using campaign contributions to solicit business appear to be thinly veiled attacks on Stephens Inc., which has been very active in state politics and also has captured the lion's share of the municipal security business in the state.
As at the time of filing this report, the GNA gathered that the Nkoranza Municipal Security Council was meeting on the matter.
it is making the Loan for its own account, does not currently intend to syndicate the Loan, will take no action to cause the Loan to be characterized as a security, and will not treat the Loan as a municipal security for purposes of the securities law; b.
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