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MSWDMean Square of Weighted Deviates
MSWDMunicipal Social Welfare Development (Philippines)
MSWDMakati Social Welfare Department (Philippines)
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Gonzales said the population, which will be identified for rice assistance by the Municipal Social Welfare Development Office (MSWDO), will be addressed under the rice sufficiency program budget.
Children easily get sick at the center, said Vivian Olavario, the municipal social welfare development officer assigned in Lower Binogsacan.
Municipal Social Welfare Development Office head Mario Indopia said 39 of the 62 surenderees have completed the validation where they were interviewed by social workers with emphasis on the psycho-social background and were categorized into four.
Meanwhile, police have launched a follow up operation to arrest Decena while her granddaughter is under the custody of the San Jose Municipal Social Welfare Development (MSWD)
Aside from financial assistance, the local government unit of Bauang through Municipal Social Welfare Development Office and the Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office also conducted initial debriefing for the grieving families and psychosocial assistance.
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