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MWTPMarginal Willingness To Pay
MWTPMinsk Wheel Tractor Plant (Minsk, Belarus)
MWTPMine Waste Technology Program (Montana Tech of The University of Montana; Butte, MT)
MWTPMunicipal Wastewater Treatment Plant (various locations)
MWTPMixed Waste Treatment Project
MWTPMonkeys with TeamPlay
MWTPMidland Water Treatment Plant (Midland, Michigan)
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As shown in Figure 5, the results indicated that waste sludge from the municipal wastewater treatment plant had the highest PHA purity (>99.5%), followed by the sludge from the husbandry industry (78.5 [+ or -] 6.91 wt%) and the fermentation industry (46.7 [+ or -] 0.62 wt%).
The project involves the design, construction and operation of a 45,000 m3/day municipal wastewater treatment plant using Membrane Bioreactor ("MBR") technology to treat the wastewater to grade 4 surface water discharge standard.
Fluence Corporation Limited (ASX:FLC) on Thursday declared that it secured a contract from the Yiyang City government, Hunan province, China, to deploy an Aspiral L4 smart-packaged MABR-based solution for use in a municipal wastewater treatment plant.
According to Alfa Laval, its decanters will be installed in a municipal wastewater treatment plant in the southwest of the US, where they will be used for the dewatering of sludge from wastewater.
In order to provide real wastewater conditions, the pilot system was fed with secondary effluent from the Vilaseca (Tarragona-Spain) municipal wastewater treatment plant.
In different wastewater from municipal wastewater treatment plant. Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology, 162(4): 1174-1186.
Sewage utility companies such as Sabesp, Sanepar, Copasa, Embasa and Cesan are the key customers for municipal wastewater treatment plant installers.
In actuality, this project, a municipal wastewater treatment plant commissioned by Israeli authorities, will be built in occupied East Jerusalem.
According to Municipal wastewater treatment plant energy baseline study (2003) energy consumption of wastewater treatment plant with air activated sludge process (without anaerobic treatment) vary from 0.45 to 1.13 kWh per m3 of treated wastewater.
Monitoring and evaluation of antibiotic-resistant bacteria at a municipal wastewater treatment plant in China.
The new monthly magazine has a controlled circulation of 60,000 municipal wastewater treatment plant superintendents, managers and operators.
The 750 kilowatt Direct FuelCell power plant will generate electricity for a municipal wastewater treatment plant servicing the San Joaquin Valley, according to FuelCell Energy.
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