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MUWMississippi University for Women (Columbus, MS, USA)
MUWMedizinische Universität Wien (German: Medical University of Vienna; Austria)
MUWMine and Undersea Warfare (US Navy)
MUWMunitions of War
MUWMade-Up Word
MUWMulti-User Windows (application definition)
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We have given them war and the munitions of war. In a single day we have made their wars infinitely more terrible and bloody than in all their past ages they have been able to make them with their crude, primitive weapons.
The different weapons--furniture, cookery, provisions, in short, all the various munitions of war, together with a body of reserve forces--were ready along the whole line.
The source added that the army forces killed a large number of terrorists and captured a number of others and destroyed their sites and stores of munitions of war." / End
Civilian aircraft do not require special permission to land in the state but must seek the permission of the Minister for Transport to carry munitions of war.
government should itself buy up all American munitions of war, the cotton crop included.
It is now demanded that the American citizens shall be used as insurance policies to guarantee the safe delivery of munitions of war to belligerent nations.
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