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MNOMobile Network Operator (wireless telecommunications)
MNOMagnetic North Orchestra (est. 1992)
MNOManganese Oxide
MNOMcafee Network Optimization
MNOMobile Network Operator
MNOMacromedia Design Notes
MNOMusicaNova Orchestra (est. 2003)
MNOMom's Night Out
MNOMultinational Organization
MNOMacromedia Design Notes (file extension)
MNOMerlin Network One
MNOMoney No Object
MNOMuslimanska Narodna Organizacija (Croatian: Muslim National Organization; political party)
MNOMuonio (Finland)
MNOMidnight Order (gaming clan)
MNOMaster of Non-profit Organizations
MNOMultimedia Network Operator
MNOManaged Network Operations
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Tornio-muonionjoki watershed monitoring is carried out under joint monitoring, which includes the tornio-muonionjoki river basin management in finland (fell-lapin water oy, enonteki water supply, municipality of ylitorni, municipality of muonio, water management , rautaruukki plc, tornion water ltd, jerisjrvi maintenance ltd, city of tornio, municipalities of pellet, kolari and enonteki).
Travel magazine 'All About Lapland' posted a video on social media of the impressive light show seen from Pallas, in the Muonio region, adding it had rarely seen anything on this scale.
It approves facilities for the storage of waste rock from the mine and tailings from the mill, as well as related units for the management of process water, and covers the discharge of excess water into the Muonio River bordering Finland and Sweden.
"Occidentem versus maria, balticum et alandense sinusque bottnicus, fluvii Tornea, Muonio, Kongama, lacus Kilpisjaur, alpes Moskana et Tschjatsekajse, sinusques maris glacialis Lyngenfjord.
Clinicians have suggested that stoic attitudes, fears of aging, fears about medications, fears that pain means they may not recover, are commonly held beliefs about pain and pain management (Ferrell et al 1990; Herr and Mobily 1991; Muonio 2004).
(20.) Betsy Cahill, "Mascot Names Will Be Used in Reporting," University Chronicle, October 22, 1998, 2; Sheila Bussinger, Jake Muonio, and Marcae Woodward, "Mascot Names to Remain in Print," University Chronicle, November 30, 2000, 6.
"We live by hunting and fishing--we eat rabbit, berries, fish from the lake, and my girlfriend kills moose," said Pertte Srren, 59, in the village of Muonio, an hour's drive further north of Kittila and just a couple of miles east of the border with Sweden.
Or perhaps he'll do a quick loop via Muonio or Kilpisjarvi, but he'll always spend at least a week in Karesuvanto, boozing.
In 2018, the member municipalities of lshp were: enonteki, inari, kemijrvi, kittil, kolari, muonio, pelkosenniemi, pello, posio, ranua, rovaniemi, salla, savukoski, sodankyl and utsjoki.
In conjunction with this permitting process, Northland will submit an application for water usage and construction activities to the Border River Commission, which regulates projects that influence the Muonio - Tornio border river between Sweden and Finland.
Contract notice: municipality of muonio acquisition of school transport