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MUPPETSMulti-UAV Path Planning for Emergent Target Scenario (MIT research project)
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So when one character reveals that the only way to save the iconic Muppet Theatre from demolition is to raise $10m in two weeks, Waldorf turns to the camera and quips: "If I didn't know better, I'd say you were reciting an important plot point!" The film opens in Smalltown, population 102, where a muppet called Walter (voiced by Peter Linz) lives with his human brother Gary (Segel), who is about to celebrate 10 years with girlfriend Mary (Amy Adams).
The popularity of Jim Henson's creations has never waned thanks to endless repeats of the award-winning television series The Muppet Show, which ended in 1981, and subsequent film adventures including madcap re-imaginings of A Christmas Carol, Treasure Island and The Wizard Of Oz.
The screening, hosted by Chalk, will be preceded by a sock muppet making workshop where you can craft your very own Muppet to help you sing along.
As thousands of fans, young and old are expected to flock to the O2 Arena this July to catch The Muppets, we ask Kermit what we can expect from the show.
The physical work involved with making Muppets come to life is also highly specialized.
Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog ahead of their 'Muppets Take The o2' shows at The O2 Arena
Whitmire alluded to conflict with Disney, who bought the rights to the Muppets in 2004, speaking of the company's "limitations with respect to how well they know the Muppets".
The statement by Muppets Studio came after Whitmire said in the ( interview to Hollywood Reporter: "I am still trying to make sense of how those two issues were egregious enough to justify ending a 39-year career without at least giving me an ultimatum at the time the issue occurred when I would have had a chance to correct my course."
A Muppets Studio spokesman confirmed his sacking but gave no reason and said puppeteer Matt Vogel will take over the role.
Steve Whitmire has been the man behind the lovably nasal character since 1990 in the various Muppets TV programmes and films but has left the role and will be replaced by puppeteer Matt Vogel.
The news was first reported by Muppets fan site Tough Pigs, who said that they also had Whitmire's exit confirmed.
Bill Prady has been having the same conversation over and over again since ABC announced in May that his revival of The Muppets had secured a spot on the fall schedule.