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MURAMedford Urban Renewal Agency (Medford, OR)
MURAMidwestern Universities Research Association
MURAMcMaster University Retirees Association
MURAModified Uniformly Redundant Array
MURAMartinsville Uptown Revitalization Association (economic development and rejuvenation organization; Martinsville, VA)
MURAMixed Use Redevelopment Area
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Proceeds from Debbie Mura's novel are being donated to real-world communities affected by the storm (The People's Pantry, Toms River, And Helping Hands, The Food Pantry At Brookdale Community College).
We recounted for him how two Irish soccer fans during USA 94 were famously pulled in for questioning by New York's finest after one cop mistakenly though they were drugs dealers after hearing them say, "The craic is 90!" After a good chuckle, Mura Masa told how he likes a drop of the black stuff or water of life whenever he's visiting our shoes.
Mura's book has two main goals: to explore questions of race and identity in writing and to present tools for effective storytelling.
"Io, being the closest [moon to Jupiter], has the most intense footprint," Mura added.
We amplified wild-type and mutant (C119D) murA, with their native promoters, by PCR with primers murAF-EcoRI (5'-GAGAGAATTCCATAAAATGAGATGCGGATG-3') and murA-R-BamHI (5'-GAGAGGATCCTTAAGCAATCGTTTGTGCTG-3') (bold indicates restriction endonuclease site sequences) and cloned them into the shuttle vector pTCV-lac (10).
Two different turmeric varieties ("mura" and "chora") were collected from the Khulna district of Khulna division and the Khagrachari district of Chittagong division in Bangladesh in July 2013.
Designed to work with Matrox Mura MPX video wall capture and display cards and Matrox C-Series multi-display graphics cards, the Mura IPX capture and decoder cards pack 4K capture plus high-density decode functionality onto a single PCIe card to simplify integration and reduce installation costs.
Applications that have already been coded with Network API for the Mura MPX platform will automatically support the C- Series platform.
This is why we source the best produce from across the world, as well as our own organic farm Mura Mura.
Mauro Mura, chief prosecutor in Cagliari, told reporters that DIGOS agents had arrested the spiritual leader of the terrorist cell, which was believed to have ties to al-Qaida.
Mauro Mura, an Italian prosecutor, told reporters the Vatican threat was from March 2010, when Benedict XVI was serving as pope.