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MURATMunition à Risques Attenués (French: Insensitive Munition)
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This is explained with that Uzbek colleagues face shortage of resources in winter time, Murat Sulaimanov explained.
Murat Ticaret signed the lease agreement for the land in the Skopje industrial zone in December last year.
Murat asked for Iman's hand in marriage in the grandest way ever.
A cultural historian, Murat is comfortable with the limitations of the psychiatric archives, including its gaps, its coded language, and inconsistencies.
En lenguaje simbolico, si, es indudable, la diferencia entre Nueva York y Oaxaca es el senor Murat. Para ser mas precisa: los senores Murat: los sucesivos gobernadores de Oaxaca que han robado de lo publico para su provecho.
Sin embargo, diez anos despues, generosos como son, los Murat transfirieron a titulo gratuito (en realidad por diez dolares cada casa) las propiedades a Xila Company LLC y a Loma AEAI LLC, entidades mercantiles registradas en Florida y en las que, casualmente, Ivette Moran era ejecutiva de tales empresas y tambien, por mera casualidad, dona Ivette era y es la esposa de Alejandro Murat Hinojosa, actual director del Infonavit.
The court found Murat Ospanov guilty in organization of a crime and taking bribes.
IT consultant Mr Murat, 41, who is not suspected of any involvement in the disappearance, arrived at Faro station just before 9.30am.
Bernadette and Murat met in one of recreation centers in Turkish tourist destination Antalya's Alanya district in 2006.
Murat, a German of Armenian descent, was the more active fighter early on, but the 48-year-old Hopkins showed he was willing and able to go toe-to-toe with his 30-year-old foe.
"But I still expect Hopkins will have far too much class and movement for Murat.