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MVEVMurray Valley Encephalitis Virus
MVEVMinimaal Vereist Eigen Vermogen (Dutch: Minimum Required Capital)
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In situ reactions of monoclonal antibodies with a viable mutant of Murray Valley encephalitis virus reveal an absence of dimeric NS1 protein.
Usutu virus, named for the Usutu River in Swaziland, is a mosquito-borne flavivirus closely related to Japanese encephalitis virus, West Nile virus, Murray Valley encephalitis virus, and St.
Australia has witnessed the emergence of several zoonotic and arboviral pathogens associated with encephalitis; these pathogens have been either novel pathogens or pathogens appearing in new geographic locations and include Hendra virus, Murray Valley encephalitis virus, Australian bat lyssavirus, and Kunjin and Japanese encephalitis viruses (5-7).
Samples were also tested by IgM ELISA as described with the following viral antigens: ZIKV, DENV 1-4 mixture, yellow fever virus (YFV), Japanese encephalitis virus, and Murray Valley encephalitis virus (13).
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