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(18) Later, in 1938, it became a branch of the Central Sub-Committee of the All India Muslim Women's League.
(1) See Asifa Quraishi, Islamic Legal Analysis of Zina Punishment of Bariya Ibrahim Magazu, Zamfara, Nigeria, MUSLIM WOMEN'S LEAGUE (Jan.
I observed this phenomenon first hand when I attended the Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing in 1995, where I served as a delegate of the Muslim Women's League and Karamah: Muslim Women Lawyers for Human Rights.
on Women, MUSLIM WOMEN'S LEAGUE, (last visited Oct.
According to the Muslim Women's League, the Koran only states that women should dress modestly.
One day twenty years later, the telephone rang in the offices of the Los Angeles-based Muslim Women's League, an organization of American Muslim women.
(A Feminist Majority Foundation spokeswoman says that when they called the Muslim Women's League looking for a burqa, "we didn't assume they wore burqas or anything like that.") Some also reject feminism as inimical to Islam without bothering to ask the person using the word what she means by it.
Multiculturalist feminists have been complaining that "forced uncovering is also a tool of oppression," as two members of the Muslim Women's League wrote in a January Los Angeles Times op-ed piece.
The Muslim Women's League USA eloquently voices the transformative message of Islamic feminism in the following essays.-- Editor
Endnotes for 'Our Religion Teaches Equality and Peace: Position Papers of the Muslim Women's League USA"
Muslim women of the Punjab, who gradually became aware of Muslims' deprived conditions, established political organizations including the Punjab Provincial Muslim Women's League (PPMWL), the Punjab Muslim Girls' National Guard (PMGNG) and the Punjab Muslim Girl Students Federation (PMGSF).
Though the All India Women Muslim League was established in 1938 at Patna, women of the Punjab were one-step forward in establishing the Punjab Provincial Muslim Women's League (PPMWL), which was established in 1935.
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